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Q: What size of pool table do I have?

A: Pool Table & Room  Dimensions 

9' Pool Table (50" x 100") space required 14' 2" x 18' 4"

8' Pool Table (46" x 92") space required 13' 9" x 17' 7"

8' Pool Table (44" x 88") space required 13' 7" x 17' 4" 

7' Pool Table (42" x 84") space required 13' 5" x 17' 0"

Measure playing surface from inside of rail cushion to inside of opposing rail cushion (Width & Length).

Example above: 44" x 88" - 8' Pool Table (44" x 88")

Q: Do you move pool tables?

 A: Yes, we do!

Q: Do you have to replace the felt when moving a pool table?

A: No

 We can use the existing felt.

Although If felt has rips, or is dry rotted It may need to be replaced. 

Q: How long does it take you to move a pool table from start to finish? 

A: The average move job (Louisville, KY Area) takes approximately 3 hours.


​ 45 mins to disassemble

Drive time (varies)

1 1/2 hrs to assemble

Q: How much experience do your technicians have setting up pool tables?

A: Our pool table technician has over 26 years of experience in the field. Including 26 years of residential work as well as setting up professional tournaments and refelting pool rooms throughout the United States.

Q: How far do you travel to service pool tables?

A: We proudly service the entire state of Kentucky as well as all of Southern Indiana. Just keep in mind that there is a mileage charge for any job that does not have a Louisville address.

Q: Do we move accessories?


 We DO NOT move any accessories!

Things like: Ping Pong Tables or tops,  Sticks, Balls, Racks, Bars, Chairs, and Wall Stick holders! 

We also WILL NOT take stick holders off the wall! 

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